Chapter six : Cohesion

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Chapter seven : The dead are indifferent to the living

The death of the deceased is like the death sentence for the living. The sadness and life of impermanence gradually erode the life of the living. Only religion and the power beyond mortals can provide comfort and answer the essence of life. We gathered the strength of religion and family to go into the abyss and get salvation.

Nara Todai-ji Temple - Pindola Bharadvaja

“Pindola Bharadvaja” is a Buddha statue at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan, and is a woodcarving work from the Edo period. Pindola Bharadvaja is considered to be one of the sixteen arahats in Buddhist legend. He is an arhat whose main characteristics are medical treatment, compassion and prayer. However, because Pindola Bharadvaja showed his supernatural powers at will, he was reprimanded by the Buddha and punished him not to enter the Buddhist hall to be worshipped. Therefore, the statues of Pindola Bharadvaja in Japanese temples are always placed at the entrance or outside the Buddhist hall. It is said that as long as there is any discomfort in the body part, as long as you touch the same part of the statue of the Pindola Bharadvaja, the disease can be cured. It is famous for its medical and healing ability. “