1 March 2024 – 4 March 2024


Qinle Jin
Hanxu Zhang


Amanda Cornish
Cheng Yen Yu
Issy Wilson
Jan Valik
Julian Lombardi
Liu Kim
Minghao Sun
Shuang Jiang
Wenhui Hao
Yanyi Chen
Zhenlin Zhang
Ziyang Chen

Transitional Traces Exhibition

Transitional Traces, is a group exhibition curated by Qinle Jin and Hanxu Zhang that presents over 20 abstract works with the M P Birla Millennium Art Gallery in London, featuring paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and installations crafted by 12 talented artists studying at the Royal College of Art.

Traces may vanish in an instant, but emotions still will remain. The exhibition represents the dynamic interplay of visual elements, inviting visitors to silently engage with the works while exploring the balance between rational composition and emotional expression. The paint is thinned to a liquid and flows over the various works, while the image is shaped by relationships and mediated by colour tones. It creates a transitional undercurrent that flows through the air, imbuing the space with rhythm and emotion. It specifies the exhibition's ambiance, infusing the works with an almost ethereal visual tension.


1 - 4 March 2024


MP Birla Millennium Art Gallery,

Entrance on Challoner Street, 1st Floor of The Bhavan, 4a Castletown Road, West Kensington, London W14 9HE

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