26 July 2020 – 9 August 2020


26 July 2020 - 9 August 2020


Kaohsiung Culture Centre


The solo exhibition is primarily divided into seven sections, organized chronologically and thematically. Each section represents a different stage and reflects the current state of life, with profound insights and explored topics extending from it.


Mother Earth - Plants

This series focuses on the overlooked corners of everyday life, with plants at our feet taking center stage in the artwork. They are juxtaposed against the surrounding environmental conditions, emphasizing the fragility and resilience of life. These works represent my initial exploration of watercolor as a medium, and they subtly delve into the relationship and coexistence between life and death. In terms of artistic expression, I draw inspiration from the Taiwanese watercolor artist, Hsieh Ming-chuang.

2016 - 2017

Mother Earth - The Silent Forest

Inspired by the beauty of daily life and my deep love for nature, I have been intimately connected to and engaged in dialogues with nature, gaining countless creative inspirations and life insights from its ever-changing wonders. “Silence and the Mystique of Nature” is the theme I seek to convey through this series. 

To accurately convey my ideas and create an immersive experience for the viewers, I began experimenting with creating large-scale watercolor paintings since high school. These works serve as a gateway, allowing you to stand before them and share in the warmth of the sun and the embrace of the surrounding vegetation, just as I did during the creative process.

2017 - 2018

Mother Earth - Deep Mountain Springs

Exploring another common sight in nature is the depiction of mountain springs. This series captures my observations during my excursions upstream, showcasing the ever-changing flow of water at different times of the day and various moments of special beauty. These scenes include babbling brooks, waterfalls, vast lakes, and small ponds. 

A fascinating part of the creative process is experimenting with watercolors, the  medium that aligns with the fluidity of the subject matter. The transparent nature of watercolors also allows me to convey the crystal-clear and shimmering qualities of the rivers and streams.


Mother Earth - Sentient Stones

During university years, I began to shift my focus to depicting various types of rocks, including the translucent and sparkling pebbles found in the famous seashore of Hualien, Taiwan (Qixingtan). This series explores the contextual meaning of the saying “To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wildflower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour.” and conveys a sense of stillness and tranquility. 

It also marks the beginning of a new series called “Chapter Series,” which takes its name and artistic inspiration from the colossal rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey.


Resonance of the Soul and Reflections on Life

Through ”Chapter series”, The topic had been extended to the themes of teenagers’ anxiety, family bond, memory, life and death, thought continuity, and funeral culture.


Memories of Xinjiang and Italy

Through exploring the “pristine nature and desolation” of Xinjiang and the “humanistic and pastoral” scenery of Italy, I began to depict the houses and still life scenes observed in foreign lands. Using a pure artistic context and simple colors, I express a sense of tranquility and serenity. At the same time, I interpret the ambiguous and indescribable mysteries that people feel about both places through my personal experiences.


Discovering the Potential Context of Art Mediums and Self-Exploration

Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” deeply changed the way I think about art creation. I began to continuously reflect on a question: “What is my relationship with watercolor? Why am I so fascinated with this medium?” 

Thus, this stage of my creative journey involves experimenting with collage, cyanotype, and handmade paper as art mediums. The purpose is to explore various expressive contexts hidden within these mediums, symbolizing the beginning of a whole new creative journey.

Invitation & Exhibition

Invitation Cards Design And Inspiration

As a kind of exhibition experience, this invitation card with an encrypted message echoes the name of the exhibition ‘The Observer’s Eyes’. Through observation, a paragraph of the creator’s words given to the viewer can be obtained. After research and experimentation, I decided to use Pigpen cipher as the password form for the invitation card. 

On one hand, it has symbolic characteristics other than letters, which is different from text. On the other, it has complete historical continuity, so viewers are better able to get clues through the Internet and other channels, and convey the core spirit of the exhibition through simple and interesting games.

How Viewers Will Receive The Invitation Cards And The Game of Puzzle solving?

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