Chapter three :
The Observer’s Eye

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Chapter Three : The Observer’s Eye

The observer’s eye expounds the relationship between the elderly and teenagers. When I was 22 years old and I met my 22-year-old father, it concretized time, space and time. It comes from what my father once said to me: young people have troubles and worries, and their predecessors have experienced it. Although my father is far away, I can feel the traces and afterimages of his journey when he was about the same age as me. The dilapidated house and a pair of old shoes are metaphors for the things he used and left behind, symbolizing what he once told me his advice is a kind of protection and the cornerstone of success.

Meaning of Suitcases and Hills ​

Viewers can find suitcases and hills from almost every work of the “Chapter series “. This is because I believe life is like a journey and a suitcase symbolizes a container to encapsulate everything we have and the people we meet. The distant but visible hills metaphor the challenges or hardships we are going to face.