Chapter one : Darkest hour

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Chapter one: Darkest hour​

Darkest Hour visualizes the hard time and anxiety of life choices. The inspiration came from the gigantic boulders in Cappadocia, Turkey. The marks and traces of the predecessors can be seen on the surface of the stones. Like them, I once lost myself in this stone forest, relying on the experiences bestowed by the civilized world to navigate through the rugged valleys and mountains. The difference is that they were pioneers, feeling their way across the rocks, seeking a path in and out, while I, as a descendant, followed in their footsteps and found an exit. From taking care of my seriously ill mother to facing death up close for the first time, compared to my peers, I was a pioneer and, at the same time, a follower, guided by the experiences of many elders as I emerged from the abyss.

Gobi boulders in Cappadocia, Turkey

Gobi boulders in Cappadocia, Turkey